Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise 2016

The 2016 Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise was a hot, wet one this year.  The weather didn’t stop the huge amount of cruisers & spectators. ..

Each year I look at the Dream Cruise, and look back to the early 60’s when I was cruisin Woodward.  It’s great to see the memory of that time alive & well in 2016.  This year is suppose to have been the last time for the events at Woodward & 13 mile Rd.  That was always a good spot to see lots of beautiful hot rods.  This year Woodward had drag racing going on by the new M1 Concourse.  It’s nice to see that up and running.  So as always we can’t wait until next years Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise.

We took lots of photos, and put a few of them up for viewing.  Just click the link to see them.  (soon) CLICK HERE